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31 Mar 2019

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Travel Insurance Product

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Travel Insurance Product - Asura


A travel insurance is a type of insurance with a short-term policy that covers you for the time of the trip. It usually provides protection for a period between a few days and 6 months.

It is certainly more comfortable to purchase a travel insurance while travelling—may it be on a personal tour or a business trip. Always remember that uncertainties and unforeseen events could happen in the way, from a lost luggage, flight delay, pick-pocketing, or worse, losing your wallet and important documents.

Such unwanted events could be avoided through buying a travel insurance. But before you purchase your own insurance policy, try considering these things:

Details of Travel Insurance Benefits and Exclusions

Check in detail the benefits and exceptions of the travel insurance product that you want to get. You should know everything that is covered by the policy to avoid encountering problems in case of redeeming the policy in the event of unwanted circumstances.

Best Travel Insurance Comparison Options

We recommend that before the purchase, first compare the prices and benefits of the travel insurance premiums that are being offered by the companies. This way you will not only search for the most affordable policy but you will also afford the benefits that best fit your travel.

Additional Benefits (Rider) Travel Insurance

A travel insurance isn't only available whenever a buyer wants it, because insurance firms also consider the level of risks during your trip. If risks are high, instances are insurance companies will not shoulder hospitalization costs.

When going on a dangerous trip, always choose the best policy that could provide benefits and protection equivalent to the travel risk.

Online Travel Insurance Broker

Look for an insurance company that provides travel insurance services online. With an online system, you don't have to bother meeting sales agents but you will surely still get the insurance protection. An online system gives you the flexibility of transacting with the insurance company without them in the flesh.

Travel Insurance Claim Process

We recommend that you choose an insurance company that can provide assistance when you are making a claim. In addition, you also need to complete supporting documents in filing claims.

Pay attention to these tips before getting a travel insurance. Make sure you choose the type of insurance that suits your budget and needs. If with a small premium you can get all the benefits, why pay more?

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